Should my kids use a tablet for learning ?

Tablets for kids are designed to mirror the whole world we live in from one small screen. They appear to change our life greatly, as well as our kids. Is it good to teach children on tablet? 

A study conducted by PBS found that the use of educational tablet apps increased children's vocabulary acquisition by 3 percent in just two weeks. There is no doubt that smartphone technology has changed the way kids gather together and organize information, and the way children learn. Rather than copying handwriting exercises and making flashcard like their parents' generation, children now have access to digital technology, which can help to learn more about the world. Research says that iPads can support literacy in nursery, early primary and special education. 

Tablets for kids have a lot to offer in the way of educating children. But what if parents worry about their children's proficiency on a tablet? They can choose educational apps and consider setting a time limit on tablet use. Seldom kids can learn by themselves. Even with smart tablet's assistant, parents still need to spend one-on-one with your children while using tablets. 

iRulu BabyPad 7" Y1pro Android 4.2 kids tablet with tempered glass screen protector, is sold at only $48.99 on the iRULU official website. It has pink and green colours optional and one-year's warranty after your purchase. The tablet is specially designed for kids. Each corner of the tablet is surrounded with soft non-toxic bumpers, which can protect your children from accident. This babypad has two modes optional, you can easily switch from kids mode to standard mode to unleash the full capability of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It is a perfect learning tablets for kids and parents.

Kids can easily be attracted by touchscreen devices. Learning something by moving shapes around on a screen can be quite simple and extremely beneficial. What apps on your device can help to set your kids up for success? Here are some apps that can amuse the children and help to develop reading, graphic and problem solving skills.

Stay Within the Lines

Coloring with a crayon and paper gave us a lot of fun during our childhood. It can never be replaced, but can be imitated. Happy Coloring can be downloaded for free from the internet. By selecting various colors and tapping different regions, it can help to train child's hand-eye coordination . There are different photos and animal features for kids to choose when selecting what they would like to color. When your child's masterpiece is finished, you can save it and share with your friends.

Put the Pieces in the Right Place

Technology can also help to teach our kids on their problem solving skill. Children can use Mermaid Puzzles for Toddlers and Little Girls FREE to move puzzle pieces into sections of the screen that are constantly moving. Once the missing pieces are placed in the proper place, a celebratory school of fish is full of the screen. It's a fun app and is sure to get reaction from your kids.

Books for the Older Kids Alphabets & Numbers Tracing has been created for older kids who may be more familiar with letters and numbers. This app is designed to help kids learn how to write letters and numbers by drawing lines and various shapes by tracing patterns displayed on the screen. A demonstration is overlaid onto the object before the child beginning tracing. 

What can kids benefit from tablet use?

All indications say that educational apps specifically designed for children of all ages have a profoundly positive effect on kids' intellectual development. The time spent on a tablet is more useful than that in front of a TV screen. Thousands of e-books are designed for the interactive features, which is useful but less expensive than the printed versions. Children can get the most of technology when parents are involved with them. More company, more care for kids' learning and amusement, they will grow up happier and healthier.


What is the best tablet for kids for learning and gaming?

Summer vacation is on the way.A lot of parents are scrambling to find the best gift for kids.And children are going back to school after vacation and some are stepping into school for the first time.If your children are hard on gadgets, why not go and get a kid tablet as a new-to-school gift.

What is the best tablet for kids

iRulu Babypad X1 pro
There are many tablets for kids available in market nowadays, how can we find the best one? What do you want it for?preschool learning,eaducational gaming,drawing,or else?Budget must be the first major consideration,as kids are growing fast they're easy to lose interests on "toys".You can choose an ipad or a nexus if it's not a big problem to you.Otherwise,A iRulu or Nabi will be a nice choice if you're . A less expensive tablet does not mean it's worse.You just have to find an appropriate tablet for the money.iRulu Babypad (Android based) is also an ideal choice , it is very durable, great battery life and easy to use. LeapFrog has a safe web browser, which accesses to kid-appropriate web content, the robust parental tools of it can fine-tune and control what kids can access. Safe social play makes kids play safely with friends nearby.Acturely,you should also consider the age of your child you buy this tablet for.For toddlers 1-3 years old,they need just some cute pictures or cartoons.for kids 3-5 years old,they're learning to play games by themselves.And it's very helpful to learn math calculating on a tablet pc.

Tablets for learning and gaming

Painting Gallery
The vast majority of kids tablets will have applications available. You can purchase more of course. KIDO'Z can be installed from KIDO'Z - Fun & Safe Play Mode on your Android tablet for free.Or you can choose a iRulu babypad,which you're able to switch between adult and child mode easily.With some pre-loaded games, apps and videos, your device will become a fun and safe environment for your kids . Here's a summary of some educational Apps for Kids. For your preschool kid at home, Grandma's Preschool provides lots of fun,nice interactive learning games and activities are available in the App. Star Gurus helps your kids to practice counting skills which are important and foundational to learning math in early school term.Painting Gallery helps a lot in developing children's drawing talent. It offers coloring book photos, varied backgrounds and blank canvas for kids to make their own. Imagistory App offers opportunities to children by encouraging pretending and record their own voice, which is a great learning tool in and out of class.Kids can imagine their own secret world.  Anyone you choose will be a sweet companion for your kids.

Tablet for kids is warmly received by pre-school children, and becoming one of the very most helpful and educational tools of the new technological world in a rush. The key reason for this success is the ability to offer an interactive learning experience. There're a variety of online educational apps and games free to download.They offer a variety of features and help support and guide their child's learning. Kids can explore fresh content in an easy and safe way which both entertain and educate them.And the child mode can keep their world clean.It' should be a best gift for your children.In that case,they'll set you free for more time.One more thing to be mentioned,you should have a good plan on controlling the time they spend on tablets.Anyway they're still required to spare more time for outside activities with friends.Then it'll make the study free and happy!

For now,more schools all over USA are trying to using iPads to teach basic maths,interesting games and other entertainmental activities.It's very necessary to get a learning tablet for kids for your sweetheart.Whether an expensive iPad or a budget iRulu Babypad,it'll be a great surprise to them!


What is a tablet pc?

iRulu 7" phablet

Tablet PC is a new generation PC which is extremely popular among business persons as well as students,due to its comfort,mobility and well-functioning.The physique of Android tablet PC is smaller than a standard notebook and bigger to a smart phone,and is becoming categorize as a wireless personal computer.Numerous various kinds of tablets has been released in the market such as conventional,rugged,hybrid,or slate tablet.In 1971,Alan Kay was the first person who thought about inventing tablet computers.But because of issue that happen such as the short battery life span it didn't become successful at that time.You can use it to do all those functions for which you usually use your personal computer like,browsing the internet,reading ebooks,sending or receiving emails,watch movies,view pictures or play gmaes.The built-in WiFi assists to browse internet quick.This tablet PC is also compatible to most music format such as MP3,WMA,WAV or MPG songs.

Android tablets sourced from Chinese suppliers get as follows:

Sellers can supply their discerning consumers two worth techniques of tablets,one particular inexpensive ordinary performing units and the second wide range,which are substanial worth and show an efficiency that from time to time surpasses the branded tablets this kind of as Motorola Xoom,Samsung Galaxy in the amount division as properly.

Unbranded android tablet computer - greater engineering,much better returns
To the uninitiated Sensible Cellphone retail storeowner and buyers alike the greatest phones in smart cellular phone are well-known and superior profile brands this sort of as a Samsung for a Motorola.These are brands,which have higher recall value,thanks to the consistent bombardment of ads for their different designs.For every single new design they launch you 'll be subjected to seeing the styles everywhere all over you - on newspapers,TV and internet also.
Having said that,are you knowledgeable that under the hood all these manufacturers use the exact same running system or computer software that will allow the hardware of a intelligent phone to functionality smoothly?Tailored characteristics differentiate a single model from the others.Regardless of whether a Motorola or a Samsung,the customers who acquire from your retail store are having to pay much more for the brand name title than the know-low.

Android OS

There are many tyoes of OS accessible for intelligent phones.When Apple makes use of unique proprietary program to pruduce their steady of good devices this sort of as iphone,ipad and various other items,there is option open up source software readily available this kind of as the Android,by Google.Now,android is the final in cellular engineering and is intuitive,marvelous program.

Thanks to android tablet personal computer

Many thanks to google's ground-breaking android it is attainable to develop a host of units and that consists of the most successful sort the tablet pc.This is rapidly revolutionizing the computer system globel.No for a longer period do individuals have to rely on high-priced proprietary,high volume hardware to hook up to the internet.The android tablet pc is a stage in info know-how that is earning computing out there everywhere you go at unmatched prices.Tech-business owners are obtaining it ever more straightforward to assemble adnroid tablet personal computer at quite cost-effective price ranges,thanks to its seminal technological know-how powering it.

You don't need to worry about selecting android tablet over others offered in the market.As they come with touch sreen,it makes your work more convenient and pleasurable.It also has stylus pen that you're able to use if you're not that comfortable using your fingers or prints.Its touch screen is composed of two metal plates which are conductive and resistive plates,and pressure must be applied to move it in exact same spot.In this way computer distinguishes alter in electric fields and start actions.When you touch your tablet's touch screen,the action has been sent to its processor which will result to be required action,that you had commanded.Tablet PC's reaction to your command only takes much less that a minute or even much less than a second.In the event you think that writing on tablet for better usage.If you are now decided to purchase android tablet pc.you can always go to the most reputable dealer near you or if you want a hassle totally free shopping,you can always have the option of buying tablet online.